RARA: (Spanish word). 1. adj. Extraordinary, uncommon, or not frequent.|| 2. adj. Unique in its class or species.|| 3. adj. Famous, outstanding or excellent in its lineage. || 4. adj. Extravagant of genius or behaviour, and prone to stand out.

Our design studio collaborates with artists from South Africa and around the world to create distinctive ranges of wearable and usable art inspired by ancient stories of feminine beauty, power and connection to nature.


Each piece we make is a collaborative process that begins with a story and develops into a rich and meaningful offering for our customers. We believe we are all RARA and that each one of us has our own unique blend of wisdom, elegance, playfulness, humour and confidence. Therefore we strive to create objects that inspire the wearer or user to bring her own authentic beauty to the world more fully wherever she goes.

As far as possible, our approach is circular and cradle-to-cradle and we use offcuts and upcycled materials in our production. We work as a widening circle of artists and artisans creating together, uplifting our customers and each other while having fun. Following our passion for creating new opportunities for dignified employment, we have partnered with the Saartjie Baartman Centre, a women’s organisation in Cape Town, to develop programmes that support women in gaining the skills and confidence they need to leave abusive situations and rebuild their lives. Our goal is to create new opportunities for these women as our company grows.