Stories you carry with you - introducing our new range of scarves

When we first discovered the natural and feminine forms, colours and contours in Cape Town illustrator Lisa Nelson's work (Lili Rosey), we imagined her style would live and move beautifully on the lustrous and elegant medium of satin.

We believe that art isn't just something to have up on a wall. We think it is a living process with the potential to create movement and impact in the world. We love to surround ourselves with beautiful and meaningful objects that are constantly reminding us of the path we are on, and the paths we have travelled. And on a deeper level, the mysterious beauty of life. Objects that have a story and tell a story, and keep us connected to the juiciest parts of ourselves - the places where we find the deepest inspiration, freedom and connection with our own authentic beauty. 

The story that inspired us to work with Lisa to produce the first of our new silk scarf collection is 'The Young Woman and the Rain'. The story comes from an indigenous legend from the land that is now called South Africa, and reminds us of the deep human and natural history that evolved here over so many millennia. Here is our own brief telling of this beautiful and powerful ancient story:

It is during the time of a terrible drought. The rain refuses to fall and the land is parched and dry... until one day the rain transforms himself into a bull and comes sniffing around the land. He is intoxicated by the beautiful fragrance of the young woman, and enters her hut to kneel at her feet. He sees her skin shining like wet rock and her hair is red like the dew-moist berries.

Pleased by the sight of the rain bull, the young woman casts herbs over his head, knowing that any hope of the rain must be welcomed with love. She climbs onto the back of the rain bull, and together they amble along, the sounds of his hoofs just lite the patter of rain falling on the ground. They reach a tree near the mountain where the rain comes from, and the woman rubs the rain bull with fragrant herbs until he is sound asleep, and then she slips away.

Waking up to the cool air underneath the tree, the rain bull sets off to find a spring from which he can make life-sustaining rain. The rain falls on the dry earth, bringing the plants and flowers and insects and butterflies back to life and bringing gratitude to the young woman for moving the rain bull to restore life to the land (source, (pdf). 

To wear a scarf emblazoned with Lisa's artwork inspired by the story of the 'Young Woman and the Rain' is to carry that vision around with you and to be reminded of the young woman who moved the rains to restore the land to life.  We honour the beauty and power represented in her story and believe that a little of this story lives in each one of us. 

We will be working with a range of different artists and legends over the upcoming months to produce new forms of wearable art that tells a story. We are inspired to know how you may be moved to make these unique pieces a part of your journey wherever you are and wherever you go!


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