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Dear RaRa customers:

Sometimes beautiful things are born out of struggle. As our small design studio has struggled with the new realities of COVID-19, we have developed an exciting new collaborative and story-driven approach to our work. We have been inspired by the story of the butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon after its metamorphosis. Like the butterfly, we have just completed a new cycle of evolution - and are excited to bring our new offerings to you!!

How our baby shoes are made.

"Just got the shoes and I absolutely adore them. Thank you so much for making them"

Nancy, New York, Sep 2019

I am addicted to your bags…

Zsofia, Frankfurt, March 2020

"My favorite product from this SA trip is definitely this leather beauty loving design, keep on doing this"

Marketa Sluková - Nausch, Czech Beachvolleyball Player